Substrates with single-crystalline buffers

Our costed wafers include 4”, 6”, and 8” defined in JEITA and SEMI. As for Si substrate, bare (100) is standard. However, other orientation such as (111) and coating of SOI are available upon customer’s request.

ZrO2 substrate

It is well known that ZrO2 has very high melting temperature (2700℃) and has crystalline structure of ditetragonal dipyramidal classified as P4₂/nmc in space group. The pyramidal structure indicates elastic behavior by changing its lattice constant to match up with that of coated materials on the top of it, enabling single crystallization. This technology constitutes our key technology.
ZrO2 layer can be used as buffer layer when piezoelectric materials are coated at customers.

Pt substrate

Pt is widely used as an electrode of piezoelectric materials due to its low resistivity and thin film formulation. We can supply substrate with Pt coating on ZrO2 upon customer’s request,

Single-crystalline SRO substrate

SRO (SrRuO3) is a ferromagnetic metal oxide categorized as Ruddlesden-popper compound, of which crystalline structure is perovskite type and its thin film is stabilized if coated on Pt film.

Other products

・Contract manufacturing of AlN and LN(Film structure to be specified)
・Trial production and fabrication of MEMS
・Design and technological consulting related to MEMS

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